thought bubbles

March 16, 2010 at 10:02 am (Uncategorized)

i was driving today and there were a whole lotta thoughts swimming about in my head. i just love it when i get something and at first it makes completely no sense to me at all and then i have to piece it all together.

i was thinking about wearing uniforms. i was wearing mine for work and was thinking about how when i wear it, people seem to smile at me and for some reason treat me like im going to give them free icecream or something. lol. but it always throws me how a shirt can just do so much. its like the green team tops. when you go to schoolies, its amazing how much these kids talk to you and smile at you just cos you are wearing a green team top.

so this got me thinking. not only do people treat you different, but its also about that confidence that you bring to your clothing. uniforms at school are used to make the students stand out from other schools. i remember in school, sometimes i hated wearing my uniform, but sometimes i was proud to represent something.

this is where it hit me. we need to be thinking about our “spiritual outfit” and about what we represent. uniforms for work, or school help us to stand out from everyone else. isnt that what we want to do for Jesus?
dont we want to stand out, to make others see that we are different? but not only that, i have to keep my uniform tidy and clean for work, so shouldnt we keep ourselves pure and clean as an example for others.

gee wiz God is soooo amazing 😀


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